Good Study Skills Are the Secret to the “A”

As your child progresses in school, homework assignments get tougher and workloads get bigger. (Have you noticed your child’s “to do” list is starting to rival your own?) Thankfully, you don’t have to teach your child good study skills all by yourself. Through our study skills program, we can help your son or daughter take on these challenges with confidence and ease.

Our study skills program is designed to help kids in grades 4-12 build great habits that can last a lifetime. Even if your child is a really good student, we’ve found that establishing great study habits early is the secret to making a big impact in school, from higher grades to greater confidence.

Of course, there’s much more to study skills than just taking notes! Using a variety of study tips and strategies, our tutors will teach your child how to get more organized, strategically plan projects and achieve goals — all skills that align well with college and career readiness standards.

Study skills your child will learn

Every child has unique study needs, whether your family is focused on getting those As or turning frustration into confidence. Some kids can benefit from school time management tips. Others need study tips to effectively take tests. And yet others need help managing advanced coursework as they prepare for college.

With our study skills program, your child gets the individual help he or she needs at the personal pace that works best. Depending on needs and study goals, our program covers the following skill sets:

  • Study strategies to become an independent and effective student.
  • School time management tips and organizational habits to better manage time and responsibilities.
  • Active reading strategies, including reading comprehension strategies, to read better in every class.
  • Active listening strategies and presentation skills to communicate clearly.
  • Effective note taking strategies and how to use study tools, such as flash cards and color coding, to study efficiently and improve test scores.
  • Test taking strategies to take tests and quizzes with confidence, tackle different types of tests and manage testing anxiety.
  • How to research effectively, such as learning how to research a topic, evaluate sources and write a bibliography.
  • How to write effectively, such as mastering all the steps of the writing process.
  • How to be safe online, such as learning how to locate, evaluate and share digital information responsibly and other tips on how to be safe on the internet.
  • How to navigate college admissions requirements, including a college admission essay.
  • Job interview preparation, including job interview tips and how to write an effective resume and cover letter.

What to expect from our study skills program

Our tutoring experts will:

  • Instill life-long study skills in your child that will pay dividends far beyond school.
  • Share effective study tips that will make homework assignments, school projects and big tests much more manageable.
  • Reinforce positive behaviors and attitudes. Our tutors are experts at motivating and recognizing children for every skill learned, building your child’s confidence.
  • Give your family convenient scheduling options.

Where we offer study skills

Our study skills program is available at a Sylvan location near you. Find a local Sylvan center to take the first step to inspiring your child to succeed.

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Hear what other Sylvan families have to say about our Study Skills Programs:

"My daughter needed study skills. I liked the organizational skills she got, and how the tutors set goals for her between visits. Her confidence went up."
- Lisa B. on Study Skills

"The staff is very friendly and professional. They seem to really understand what is going on academically with my child. " 
- Celeste N. on Study Skills

"The staff are kind and supportive. The atmosphere is positive. They are flexible and accommodating to my child's activities. " 
- Shane F. on Study Skills


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