Get Your Child Psyched About STEM

Looking for an after-school activity your child will love? A new experience that will spark your child’s interest in STEM, build skills for the future and be a ton of fun? Don’t miss the Robotics and Science programs at Sylvan!

Your son or daughter will have a blast exploring real-world challenges using robotics to investigate possible solutions. Our Robotics and Science programs offer fun, hands-on experiences that get the kids excited about the world around them. Get ready to inspire an early love for STEM!

With our Robotics and Science programs, your child will:

  • Enjoy exciting projects that use 21st century skills
    Each session, there’s a new challenge to solve, a new experiment to conduct and a new robot to build. Our projects encourage problem solving and collaboration — skills that will give your child an edge in school and careers.
  • Build confidence with STEM
    Your child can expect a small class size and personal attention. We’ve intentionally created a supportive learning environment that encourages creativity, exploration and hands-on problem solving.
  • Explore essential science concepts
    Our unique STEM curriculum aligns with Next Generation Science Standards, so what your child learns in our STEM classes will make an impact at school.
  • Have a blast with hands-on challenges
    The kids are always challenged and having fun, whether they’re programming LEGO® models to follow commands or experimenting with everyday materials to solve real-world problems. And our teachers are right there to spark your child’s curiosity.
  • Get excited about STEM at a young age
    Your child may explore topics ranging from the effects of friction on cars, to how electricity is conducted. We love finding topics that encourage curiosity and get your child psyched about STEM.

This is STEM at its best! Find out whether it’s available at the Sylvan center near you and hold your spot today. (And if you want to make it really convenient for your family, ask about bringing our STEM programs to your school.)

How our Robotics and Science programs work

Typically, scientists don’t work in isolation. They work in teams — collaborating and sharing ideas to investigate, create and test the best solutions.

Our young scientists do the same!

In each session of our Robotics and Science programs, the kids team up with partners to:

  • Explore a real-world science question — from physics to earth sciences — in a highly collaborative and creative space.
  • Put on their detective hats to develop hypotheses and prove them out.
  • Design, build and program robots or other creations to investigate a solution. (Great for hands-on learners!)
  • Experiment and problem solve, continually improving their creations. They’ll work just like real scientists and engineers do.
  • Wrap up with a fun project summary. It reinforces the skills and concepts they’ve learned. Plus, it’s a great tool to continue the STEM discussion at home. Meanwhile, you’re kept in the loop the whole time. You can expect regular emails from us, so you can learn about your child’s progress and the cool concepts from class.

Now’s the time to give your child an EDGE in STEM!

Find out whether our exciting STEM programs — like Robotics and Science — are available in your local Sylvan center. Or, ask about bringing our STEM programs to your school, so they’re really convenient for your family. Reach out to your local center today.