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The trend to teach STEM courses in the school day curriculum is ever increasing. Our line of STEM enrichment programs includes robotics, coding and engineering. All programs inspire learning and imagination through hands-on, engaging activities while integrating common STEM concepts and terminology.

Sylvan can deliver these fun and innovative STEM programs to your students on the days and times that are convenient for you, like before or after school or extended day. We can set up in your computer lab or library. Small classes ensure personal attention for each student.

Boy working on STEM project


Recommended grades 2-6
6:1 student to teacher ratio

While building models, students learn how technology and engineering concepts work together, and then how basic computer programming can be used to animate model creations and create moving robots.

Here’s what you can expect from our Robotics program:

  • We use the renowned LEGO® Education WeDo™ products, combined with our own proprietary curriculum, to foster innovation, creativity and imagination.
  • Students work in pairs for collaborative learning.
  • Students learn basic computer programming, while analyzing, troubleshooting and solving critical challenges.


Recommended grades 3-8
6:1 student to teacher ratio

Students learn basic programming principles and learn how to code by designing video games and apps. Our lesson plans foster a progression of skills grade-by-grade, providing the scaffolding needed to teach introductory to advanced programming concepts.

Your students will:

  • Learn brainstorming, modeling, planning, application and debugging skills, including how to tell a cohesive story, logically sequence events and model real-life situations.
  • Increase technical proficiency and develop algorithmic and design thinking abilities.
  • Build computational and critical thinking skills.
Close up of child working with LEGOs for STEM class


Recommended grades 1-6
6:1 student to teacher ratio

Students engage in projects using engineering and architectural concepts that inspire their creative thinking, apply critical thinking and build valuable STEM skills. Students use scientific practices to explore, examine and explain how and why things occur. Kids love working on simple machines and bridge building design using LEGO bricks and K’NEX building sets as manipulatives.

  • Sessions are structured with a focus on three-dimensional learning, and lessons utilize the engineering process to challenge students to build, test and redesign their creations.
  • Teachers challenge students to increase problem solving skills through problem formulation and testing of various solutions.
  • Students learn collaboration and communication skills by working with partners to build and deconstruct projects.

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