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From kindergarten through high school, we offer a diverse range of intervention programs, provide enrichment and help students meet the challenges of a rigorous school curriculum. All of our programs offer robust reports that show detailed insight about each student’s performance.

Individualized Reading and Math Intervention

Grades 1-12
3:1 Maximum student to teacher ratio

SylvanSync is our proprietary digital teaching platform that utilizes normative assessments, learning progressions, adaptive learning plans and formative assessments to deliver a completely personalized learning experience based on each student’s individual needs.

We designed SylvanSync on iPads® to give students the best in technology assisted learning. We give them the edge they need with the digital tools they already know.

SylvanSync is an instructional system that combines:

  • Assessment: State-of-the-art assessments of cognitive and non-cognitive factors drive initial placement and measure growth.
  • Planning: Based on the results of the initial assessment, a personal learning plan is developed specific to each student’s needs.
  • Teaching: Re-teaching and scaffolding allow the teacher to focus on the student’s individual needs before moving to the next skill.
  • Applying: Personal learning plans adapt as students progress and demonstrate skill mastery.

The curriculum aligns to college and career readiness standards, and it correlates to most state standards.

Feel free to preview our curriculum today.

Research-Based Curriculum

All Sylvan programs are based on proven research and industry best practices. The results prove we are helping students achieve growth every day.

During our initial field trial, the actual reading growth for students was almost 3x greater than the expected growth. In mathematics, the actual growth was more than twice as great as the expected growth.

For details and our methodology, visit Sylvan Research Institute.

Girl doing math problems on blackboard

Ace it! Tutoring:
Small Group Reading and Math Intervention

Grades K-8 and Algebra 1
8:1 Maximum student to teacher ratio

Ace it! is an engaging, effective and efficient intervention program with rigorous curricula designed specifically to address the needs of under-performing students. The Ace it! curricula enables systematic, intensive and explicit instruction based on the critical components of effective programs as defined in the most current research and best practices.

Of all Sylvan’s tutoring programs, the Ace it! group program allows you to maximize your budget.

  • These small group, intervention-focused programs remediate specific skill deficits in mathematics and reading.
  • An initial assessment determines placement and is used to measure growth.
  • Formative assessments throughout the program drive instructional decisions.
  • Teachers provide direct and explicit instruction with immediate feedback, scaffolding and strategic questioning.

Make sure to preview our curriculum today.

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