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College and Career Readiness

Make Sure Your Students Are Ready to Take the Next Step

Sylvan’s college prep programs are designed to help high schools get their students not only ready for their college entrance exams, but for the rigors of college curricula and challenges they face as freshmen.

ACT and SAT Test Prep

Most ACT and SAT prep programs focus on either mastering test-taking strategies or improving students’ individual competency needs. Our programs accomplish both.

Our ACT and SAT prep programs have an integrated approach that combines teacher-led direct instruction with personalized online lesson plans on to help focus students on where they need the most help and increase test scores.

Depending on your school’s needs, we can deliver our programs before, during or after school.

Teacher-led instruction with online:

  • 20-30 hours of strategy-based preparation
  • Skill-specific instruction
  • Access to for one year

Online only:

  • Full length practice tests for the SAT and ACT identify areas where students need support and practice.
  • Students get a personalized plan with the appropriate video lessons to address questions they missed on the test.
  • Administrative reporting features help you keep track of student scores and activities.

Advanced Study Skills

Our Advanced Study Skills curriculum focuses on the higher order thinking skills that students need to excel in the 21st century.

We offer nine modules to help your students develop critical skills for high school, college and career success. Each module focuses on a different skill group. The modules can be packaged together to focus on the skills your students need most.

Throughout the program, we’ve embedded questions and activities that prompt critical thinking and metacognition, motivating students to achieve a deeper level of understanding and skills internalization.

Advanced Study Skills Modules

  1. Study skills and goal-setting essentials
  2. Improved organization and time management
  3. Reading for school success
  4. Powerful communication and presentations
  5. Note-taking strategies that work
  6. Test-taking with confidence
  7. Writing to win (including research papers)
  8. Navigating the digital world
  9. Conquering college and university admissions

Take the Next Step

For us, there is no greater goal than partnering with you to see children achieve success. We welcome the opportunity to explore how our programs can help you meet your students’ needs. To learn about all our College and Career Readiness programs, give us a call at 833-883-6323 or send us an email today!

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    We welcome the opportunity to explore how our programs can help you meet your students’ needs.

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