Sylvan School Services

We Have a Program to Meet Your Needs

If anyone knows how hard you work to provide children with the education they deserve, it's us. As a leading educational partner, we spend a lot of time in local schools, providing targeted support to students. For us, there is no greater goal than to see children achieve success. We welcome the opportunity to explore how our programs can help you meet your students’ needs. Let’s explore how we can partner!

Academic Intervention

From kindergarten through high school, we offer a diverse range of intervention programs to meet the needs and budgets of your school or organization.

College and Career

Our College and Career Readiness curriculum focuses on the higher order thinking skills that students need to excel in the 21st century.

STEM Learning

Sylvan can deliver these fun and innovative STEM programs to your students on the days and times that are convenient for your school, using your computer lab or library. Small classes ensure personal attention for each student.