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10 Fantastic Educational Apps for Those Long Summer Road Trips

JUN 15, 2017

Summer is here, and for many families, that means long road trips to amazing vacation spots and family adventures. But all those hours on the road in a cramped car can leave everyone feeling a little frazzled.
Instead of hours upon hours of YouTube videos and mindless video games, why not keep your children entertained with some fun (and educational) apps that will keep them learning and occupied.
Plus, with an estimated two months of learning in math and reading lost during the summer months, we here at your Sylvan Learning Centers in the Rio Grande Valley would like to help your children retain that sharp academic edge throughout summer vacation with fun and interactive apps so when the next school year begins, they can pick up right where they left off.
Khan’s Academy (Free / Everyone)
Khan’s Academy began as a site that aided students solely in learning math but over time has grown to cover many other courses as well. The app now collaborates with the U.S. Department of Education and many other public and private educational institutions to create interactive courses that include educational videos, projects, and practice problems.
The DragonBox Series ($4.99-$7.99 / Everyone)
These five educational games are great for reinforcing and retaining a student’s math skills in algebra, geometry, and other areas of mathematics through 200 levels of puzzles. This app provides so much entertainment that your kids won’t even realize that they are doing math equations. Although an upfront payment for these apps is required, there are no in-app purchases. The benefit of investing in these games when your children are young will pay off when they pass their algebra exam in their teens.
Calculords (Free / Everyone 10+)
Calculords is an innovative app that offers basic mathematical exercises with that retro, pixelated feel us parents are familiar with.
In order to win a match, the user must calculate numbers to equal a score that is tied to a variety of creatures that can be summoned. That creature is then assigned by the user a lane to advance upon their opponent or to defend their own base. The creatures march toward the enemy base, where the opponent can summon creatures of their own to attack and defend as well. When enough hit points are removed from the enemy space station, you win. In the same token, if the enemy removes your base’s hit points, you lose.
Reading and Language Arts
Amazon Kindle (Free with In-App Purchases / Teen)
It goes without saying that reading is beneficial (and necessary) for children, and Kindle has thousands of titles, from the classics to contemporary literature. While the app is free, many of the books do come at a cost. However, some books fall within the public domain and are free to download.
Duolingo (Free / Everyone)
Duolingo is a great app that teaches basic and advanced level language skills. Do you want your child to learn how to speak in Spanish, French, or Japanese? Duolingo delivers easy to understand lessons for any foreign language, then test the user with language puzzles that unlock in-app trophies or language content.
Science and Computer Science
Monster Physics (Free / Everyone)
This app teaches the basics of physics with an interactive style. The concept of the game is to construct a machine from different building materials. It is a game of patience, and trial and error, which promotes and rewards foresight and resilience.
Pocket Code (Free / Everyone)
This one is geared more for teenagers looking to learn programming. In an industry that is expanding and evolving, selecting this app would be a benefit to your child’s future. Pocket Code teaches the user basic programming logic with a fun and easy to use visual style of learning. It is free, but even if it came at a cost, it would still be well worth it.
PBS Kids Video (Free / Everyone)
This fantastic app delivers the educational programming that we are all loved as children. The app has no ads, and with the sheer amount of kid-friendly content available, delivered in the animation that PBS is known for, your kids won’t get bored.
Drawing Pad ($1.99 / Everyone)
Drawing Pad offers, just as its name suggests, a canvas where your children can express themselves. It is no secret that participation in the arts can help develop creative thinking skills and focus.

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