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Grade inflation means that grades today are not accurately reflecting how students are really performing in school. Many parents are discovering a disconnect between the grades their child is bringing home and how they think their child is actually doing academically.
If your child’s grades seem okay, but you’re seeing warning signs, you’re probably right. Find out for sure if your child is on the right track with Sylvan’s Insight™ Assessment

Sylvan’s Insight™ Assessment you’ll:

    An in-depth evaluation will allow you to know exactly what skills your child knows, and the milestones, benchmarks and exact skills your child should be achieving for their grade level.
    To learn how your child compares to the national norms for other students in their grade level.
    The results of our attitude survey which defines any beliefs or behaviors that may be limiting their growth.
    A personalized learning plan that outlines how we can can help them achieve results quickly.

Get in touch today, and let’s ensure your child is REALLY READY for their future!

Get an in-depth look at where your child really stands academically

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