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Sylvan Insight Assessment Tool

OCT 15, 2020

We think the Sylvan Insight Assessment is an excellent tool, as it allows us to help families pinpoint their child’s exact academic level.
Led by a Sylvan staff member, we utilize a combination of adaptive computer, paper-based and other interactive sections. The assessment begins with questions and topics that are considered on-grade level. However, depending on student performance, the assessment subtly adapts so that we can fine tune the true academic level of each student.
Because the assessment adapts, most students report that the assessment was neither too hard, nor too easy and come out of the assessment experience feeling positive. To top it off, when students put forth a good effort, they can earn tokens, and they can use these tokens to shop in the Sylvan Store (filled with toys and other student-centric items) as a reward for their hard work and effort. We see kids of all ages LOVE this part!
(By the way, the fun doesn’t stop there! Your local Sylvan Store is part of our proven motivation system and is available to students after each tutoring session with us, so students can spend the tokens they earned through their hard work and effort.)
Back to the assessment … We have assessments for grades PreK-12. To assess one subject, it can take 20-30 minutes. If you’d like a full view of reading, writing and math, that typically takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes complete.
For younger students, we also assess letter recognition, sounds, sight words and basic math facts.
For middle and high school students, Sylvan also has a Study Skills Qualifier assessment to ensure they are prepared to get organized, manage their time, understand themselves as learners, take notes from a variety of sources and more!

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