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By: Dallan Hunt


We read in the news how the pandemic has affected years of student progress and how it can take years for some to fully catch up. We have made many strides for sure, but there still is work to be done. Skill gaps from the past few years can still be affecting your child, whether obvious or not. You don’t have to let struggles today – even small ones – turn into bigger issues tomorrow.

But where should we start?

I probably don’t have to tell you, but identifying what skills your child has missed is critical. As a result, many schools have either slowed their pace of curriculum progression, or decided to put a larger focus on key skill areas. In addition, you might hire a private tutor, but without a clear idea of what skills your child is missing, the task can be daunting. Thankfully, Sylvan has a personalized approach to pinpointing what your child needs help with.

Why the Sylvan Insight Assessment?


It is not only important to determine what subjects your child needs help with, but also to determine where they should start and what skills they should focus on. Since student learning has varied significantly over the pandemic, a personalized approach is truly beneficial. Sylvan’s Insight Assessment offers results which are leaps and bounds beyond paper-based assessments, by using cutting edge computer-adaptive technology developed by Renaissance Learning. The assessment questions vary in real time based on your child’s responses, and they are based on more than 30 years of data about how children learn and grow. Consequently, the results are more accurate for where your child should start and what skills they will need to focus on, which ultimately saves time as they prepare for the next grade level.

In addition to the initial assessment, Sylvan also incorporates assessments throughout a child’s program. At each new skill we check whether your child already knows it, and if they do, we simply skip over it. We don’t have to spend time reteaching what they already know!

Alternatively, if a skill is too difficult, a student’s placement is modified in real time to address any missing foundation skills. Meaning, we spend our valuable time together focusing on the exact skills your child needs to learn.

Sylvan’s proven approach allows us to create truly personalized learning experiences, and allows us to focus more on what your child actually needs help with – and that’s a good thing.

Overall, Sylvan’s Insight Assessment gives you the knowledge to make better decisions for your child’s education. It gives you more control to create a better program for them, as you help them rebound from interrupted learning due to the pandemic.

Why Schedule the Assessment Today?


As a parent, we know your top priority is to help your child. But the sooner you know what skills your child needs help with, the sooner they can start to build those crucial foundation skills. As their skills improve, the sooner they will feel that confidence again, as the anxiety melts away. The pandemic may have interrupted your child’s learning, but it doesn’t get the final say.

Take back control with the Sylvan Insight Assessment and let us create a plan to help your child catch up, keep up, and get ahead!

If you want to learn more about how our assessment can help your child, reach out to your local Sylvan Learning. Our local experts will answer your questions, and set on the path for success, today!

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