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Wondering if your teen should take the SAT® or ACT® tests? Here are some important timelines and considerations for when and why your teen should take the fall tests.

    • For rising seniors, fall is the last chance to take the SAT or ACT.
      There is still time to make an awesome impression with colleges, as the fall tests give your teen enough time to get scores back in time for most applications. (Remember to always check each school’s website to confirm admission deadlines!).
    • For rising juniors who have full schedules, getting the first SAT or ACT test done earlier in the year…
      …will help alleviate the burden on their schedules later. If your teen has a lot of spring sports or extracurriculars, or if they are taking a lot of AP classes, it’s easier to take the test early versus taking the tests while also managing intense spring schedules and/or preparation for the AP tests in May.
    • The SAT is now digital. What does that mean for your teen?
      We’re sure you’ve heard that the SAT® went digital this year. Our Test Prep experts know all the ins and outs of the new test format and can ensure your teen is prepared for what to expect!
  • Students tend to score higher when they take the test a second time.
    If your child has taken the test once, this is a good opportunity to take it again. Trends show that scores usually go up in the second sitting. Bonus: higher scores can lead to scholarships and financial aid!
  • Good SAT or ACT scores can balance out a student’s lower GPA. 
    If your child has a lower GPA than is typically accepted for a school of choice, improving SAT/ACT scores and sending those higher scores can help. Plus, many colleges superscore and will count your teen’s highest section scores across multiple test dates. So, testing in the fall gives your teen another chance to score well!
  • Take a practice test.
    It’s highly recommended to have your teen take a practice diagnostic test for each test and see how well they’d do. It will give you an evaluation of performance along with suggestions on how to improve scores. Most Sylvan Learning locations offer these tests and a follow up session to discuss what skills your teen can use extra support with. Check out all our college prep resources and schedule a diagnostic test today.

Remember, at Sylvan, we personalize college readiness programs to exactly what your teen needs to succeed. And we work on your family’s schedules for ultimate flexibility!

Help your teen earn better SAT & ACT scores and boost college acceptance rates!

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