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Since the start of the pandemic, it’s become clear that parents are no longer a stopgap until schools open again—schooling from home, in some capacity, will be the new normal for almost every child in North America. Parents who are concerned about keeping their child’s education afloat can preserve some hope and sanity by teaming up with a Sylvan tutor this summer.

1. Take control.

Many school districts are still figuring out their plans for fall, but you don’t have to wait for them to figure it out. Sylvan can help you come up with a personalized learning plan for your child RIGHT NOW to help keep him or her on track this summer.

We’ve been personalizing learning plans for kids for more than 40 years, and we’re ready to support your child through this difficult time. Whether that means helping your child learn important skills that were missed, stay positive about learning and moving forward, or even continuing to challenge and nurture your child with advanced skills, we’ve got this. We have a variety of in-person and live, online programs that are taught face-to-face with our certified teachers. Your child will stay safe, focused and excited about learning with the personalized attention.

2. Seize the opportunity.

If your child was behind before school closures and disruptions, this is a terrific time to catch them up. In ordinary times, catching students up is a hard process because they’re always chasing the class. Students who are behind need to learn faster than the class to catch up. Now, however, many classes have slowed a great deal, or are focusing on review vs. new knowledge. So, summer is the perfect time for a struggling student to gain lost ground. And, Sylvan’s teachers are experts at this!

3. Use it or lose it.

We know this school year has been a challenge (to put it mildly) and that it’s been tough to balance the chaos of working at home, schooling at home, day-to-day responsibilities and mental health. But since a lot of learning is sequential, meaning concepts build on one another, between COVID-19 school disruptions and the annual summer learning loss, this year some kids are estimated to lose more language arts and math skills than ever before.

But the good news is, the more kids USE and PRACTICE these skills, the less they lose. (E-X-H-A-L-E). Sylvan’s tutoring programs can help your child use these skills over the summer so that he or she doesn’t miss a beat. And, our tutors can even teach the skills that would have been taught!

4. Summer tutoring can help keep your child’s learning attitude positive.

If your child grumbled about logging onto online lessons, argued to the bitter end about completing easy worksheets or used online/at-home school time as snack time, there’s a good chance his or her school attitude slipped down the negative slope.

Teachers are doing the best they can in a hard situation, but online school is just tough for some kids! And, come fall, your child will have to “unlearn” all those bad habits when school starts if they don’t spend time in a positive academic mindset. Summer tutoring can help get your child into a positive learning zone! Our tutors can review concepts and teach new skills in a personalized format, so that your child enjoys learning again. And, without 25+ classmates to distract him or her, your child won’t be able space out. (And, they won’t want to!)

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