Bring on College and Careers With Confidence

There are so many new challenges that come with grade advanced classes, college and careers from harder assignments to increased workloads to demanding tests and projects. Help your teen keep up and get ahead with Advanced Programs at Sylvan. We make it easier for your teen to build skills and confidence — and lower stress! Our programs are a powerful way to help your teen become an independent learner and achieve greater success in school and beyond.

Advanced Reading

If your teen is feeling frustrated or overwhelmed with complex subjects, big assignments or new teaching methods, turn to Sylvan for Advanced Homework Help. Even the smartest kids struggle with advanced homework in high school! You’ll see frustration come down and comprehension go up. And that leads to better grades and performance in class.

Advanced Math

Who knew math tutoring could be so fun? Our math tutors break down key math concepts for your child using an iPad® as a teaching tool. Through interactive lessons, personal instruction from our tutors and a fun motivational system, your child will discover confidence, as well as math comprehension.

Advanced Writing

Would you like to help your teen learn how to tackle advanced research assignments? Do you want your teen to stand out with an amazing college application essay? This college prep program offers an effective way for teens to write a strong college application essay and develop advanced writing skills.

Advanced Homework

The ability to write well is essential for many careers — not to mention, getting into college. Whether your child is in first grade or twelfth grade, our tutors can improve your child’s writing skills, build his or her confidence, and turn writing into a real strength. You’ll see the results far beyond English class.

Advanced Study Skills

This course teaches the strategic planning, organization, note-taking, problem solving and time management skills to become a strong high school student and an even stronger student. Tackle the demands of advanced coursework with confidence: from bigger workloads, to more challenging tests and projects!

AP Class Support

Your teen is taking on a new challenge with Advanced Placement classes. (Congrats, that’s awesome!) As your family looks for tips on how to be successful in AP classes, turn to Sylvan. We offer proactive tutoring support to ensure your teen has the skills and confidence to succeed in AP classes and score higher on the exams.