How Sylvan’s Test Prep Compares...

To Private Tutors and Other Test Prep Companies.

Choosing a test prep partner is a big decision! Here’s why Sylvan
is the best choice for scoring as high as possible on the ACT or SAT:

We get the big picture.

Your teen will learn effective test-taking strategies for conquering the test with confidence. PLUS, he or she will master the academic skills needed to score well on test day (and in class)!

Customized learning.

Unlike other test prep providers, we draw from our core tutoring curriculum to help students target the skills and subjects that need the most work. (It’s so much more than practice on worksheets!)

Best in teaching.

It’s all about ensuring your future college student achieves the best results. Our certified tutors teach to the way today’s kids learn, using a proven mix of face-to-face and online activities.