Get Sylvan’s Proven Programs at Home with Online Tutoring

The Best in Tutoring, Also Online

We know families are always looking for convenient and effective solutions so their kids can get the help they need (on the schedule they need it)!

That’s why Sylvan provides the same high-quality, proven education we’ve always had through live, online tutoring.

That’s right—our same certified teachers, who teach in-person at our Sylvan locations, conduct live, face-to-face sessions to make learning more convenient than ever.

Rest assured, our online sessions are different. Based on your child’s personal learning plan, the online experience is engaging, effective and focuses on individualized attention! There’s nothing like having personal face time with a teacher to keep up learning momentum and instill confidence!

With our live, online programs, your child will …

  • Interact live with certified tutors through face-to-face online sessions.
  • Receive targeted instruction tailored just for your child.
  • Keep the learning going through these uncertain times

Our caring, expert teams are ready to help create a one-of-a-kind personalized program that’s unique to your child.

Here's how to get results for your child:

  1. Speak with your local education experts.
  2. Get a personalized plan that’s as unique as your child
  3. Watch your child’s confidence soar!

Check out what Sylvan families are saying about our online tutoring.

"While the pandemic stopped normal learning for a lot of kids, my kids kept doing Sylvan online. Not only are they getting caught up academically, now they are excelling. They are going to be just fine academically because of Sylvan!"
Stacey R.

"Sylvan has been a great resource for our daughter. Especially in the summers. Some years she has even gone up in reading and math, instead of the traditional summer slide. With online tutoring, I feel like my child is getting the extra attention that is so needed."
Cathy M.

"I really love the online learning! I see progress in my daughter’s writing. It's such a blessing to have this opportunity during pandemic time! She stayed on her learning path without falling behind. We appreciate that we could continue online learning!"
Sepidah M.

Find your local Sylvan today and let's watch your child THRIVE!