Building Success One Sentence at a Time

It’s amazing how quickly your 6th grader has picked up on texting ... but writing well-crafted compositions? Not so much. When you choose our 6th grade writing tutors, you can feel good about giving your child the writing help he or she needs.

With our personal approach and fun motivation system, writing assignments become an opportunity for your child to hone writing skills and celebrate his or her unique voice. Our writing tutors ensure your 6th grader masters each skill before starting the next, building your child’s confidence — and success — one sentence at time.

6th grade writing help

With our 6th grade writing tutoring, your child will learn how to:

  • Independently apply the steps of the writing process: prewriting, drafting, revising, editing and publishing
  • Use well-crafted composition techniques, including topic sentences, details and transitions
  • Approach various grade-level composition assignments
  • Learn from text–based assignments, including outlining main ideas and supporting details, analyzing short passages and writing summaries
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