Writing tools and resources for all grade levels.

It’s essential to include descriptive details in your writing, whether you’re writing for fun or for a school assignment. That means using precise adjectives in your work. These worksheets will teach your child descriptive writing techniques, as well as how to brainstorm ideas before writing!

Sensory Details


Sights, tastes and smells can come right through the story! Your child can fill out these sensory detail prompts as he or she prepares to write.


Sensory Words


Here is a list of words that your child can use to describe the senses.


ABC Brainstorming Chart


This chart will help your child brainstorm content words for his or her piece of writing.




Your child can document the different events of his or her story in this chart. It’s a great way to help keep things in chronological order.


Student Reflection Sheet


This sheet will allow your child to think about his or her writing assignments and plan for future ones.


Transition Words and Phrases


Check out these different words that connect two different ideas.


Writing Tips


These tips provide suggestions for your child as he or she drafts and revises writing assignments.


Descriptive Writing Prompts


These thought-starters will help your child use effective adjectives to describe the events of a story.