Helpful ideas and resources to help your child become a better writer!

Writing is an essential part of our everyday lives, so it’s important to have your kids start writing at an early age. And, writing skills greatly improve with practice, so the more often your child writes, the better! These tips and resources will help kids be proactive with their writing and lead them on a path to success.


What Does It Mean to Be Kindergarten Ready?


Today, most students are expected to enter kindergarten with foundational literacy skills. Check out these skills that most children are expected to have entering kindergarten.


Why It's Important to Be Proactive With Your Child's Writing


A majority of students lack essential writing skills, such as how to properly structure a sentence and how to correctly use grammar. Take a look at the reasons why being a proficient writer is an essential skill!


Why Grammar Instruction is So Important


Grammar instruction is one of the most vital components of learning how to write effectively. Check out these examples of the importance of grammar.


Publishing Your Work


As your child becomes a more experienced writer, he or she may want to share their work with others. Find out how!


Writing Tips for Kids


Your child will be inspired to keep his or her writing skills sharp with these fun tips!


10 Tips to Build Writing Skills


Writing may not come easily for everyone, but these tips can help make the task of writing less scary and more enjoyable for kids.


Tips for Writing a Resume


Usually the first thing an employer sees when hiring is your resume. It’s a one-page sales pitch for yourself—make it the best it can be with these tips!


Tips for Writing a Cover Letter


Once your resume is complete, it’s time to create a cover letter, where you can introduce yourself and highlight some of your qualifications. Check out some of our ideas for cover letter writing!


Tips for Writing the College Essay


It’s time to put all that writing kids have been doing since they were young to work—these tips will help your teen write a great college/university essay!


Digital & Email Etiquette Tips


In today’s digital age, it is imperative to follow digital and email etiquette tips, which often can be overlooked. Following these tips will help keep your child’s online and email experiences safe, friendly and respectful.