Sylvan Learning Cost

How much does Sylvan Learning cost?

Education is the best investment you can make

You may be wondering, “How much does Sylvan Learning cost? Will I get good value for my money?”

Sylvan has academic programs for every budget, and yes, you can expect great value.

  • Your child can get started with our math, geometry and algebra skill practice programs for $95 for the first month.
  • Our Sylvan EDGE STEM programs are typically in the same price range as other after-school activities. Fun and affordable, our programs will introduce your child to cool experiences and great skills for the future. Many of these programs start at $95. (And often times, our workshops and camps are even less!)
  • Sylvan tutoring and college prep programs for your child to catch up, keep up and get ahead. As Sylvan parents will tell you, an investment in Sylvan will pay dividends on your child’s future, and you can feel confident you will see results.

Does Sylvan offer payment plans and financing?

You can afford Sylvan. Really. We know raising a family is expensive, and kids’ activities add up. To ensure your child can get the personal learning he or she needs, you can choose from a variety of affordable programs and easy payment plans to fit your budget, including flexible monthly options and financing.

Our tuition financing is easy to apply for, and there are no fees to apply. Depending on where you live, your options to cover the cost of tutoring may include:

  • No interest payment plans (if you pay loan balances in full within designated time frames)
  • Deferred interest plans
  • Monthly payment plans with low, fixed interest rates
  • Customized payment plans for various time frames to suit every budget

Your family is unique. Our centers will work with you to find an affordable option that fits your needs.

More About Sylvan Learning

  • You Can Afford Sylvan. Really.

    It’s easy to invest in your child’s future with Sylvan. Choose from a variety of affordable programs and easy payment plans to fit your budget.

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  • The Secret Sauce? Our Teachers!

    Our certified Sylvan teachers will challenge and inspire your child. We’re experts in math, reading, writing, test prep and more!

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  • Highly Personal. Highly Effective.

    Every child’s learning plan is unique. We mix the best in teaching and technology to ensure your child gets just what he or she needs.

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