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Bringing Success with Algebra Within Reach

By the time of night your teenager opens up the algebra textbook and asks that excellent question about exponents or scientific notation, you may have a hard time explaining (much less remembering) how to go about solving for x. The good news is, if you need to send out that math tutoring S.O.S., we’ve got your back!

Our algebra 1 tutors target exactly what your teenager needs to learn, guiding and motivating with clear instructions and interactive lessons. Plus, we’ll make sure your teen masters each algebra concept before moving on.

Explore the algebra skills we cover

Our algebra tutors will help your teen learn how to:

  • Simplify to determine if rational expressions are equal; then multiply and divide rational expressions
  • Multiply and divide algebraic expressions
  • Solve problems involving radicals and right triangles
  • Use if-then statements and related statements in reasoning
  • Find a length in a complex figure using right triangles
  • Compare length, surface area and volume of similar figures
  • Prove geometric relationships with coordinate geometry

What to expect from our algebra tutoring

Our Sylvan algebra experts will:

  • Personalize tutoring to your child’s needs through Sylvan Insight™, our proven learning approach.
  • Engage your child in learning algebra using the iPad® as a teaching tool for a more fun and interactive learning experience.
  • Adapt lessons to your child’s skill level and pace — so learning is challenging, and never frustrating.
  • Motivate your child with instant feedback and recognition for every effort.
  • Align our tutoring curriculum with college and career readiness standards, so the skills your child is learning at Sylvan have an impact in the classroom.

Where we offer algebra tutoring

Algebra tutoring is available at a Sylvan location near you. Contact your local center to take the first step to inspiring your child to succeed.

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