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SylvanPlay™: Our Mobile Games Network

Score big with your family with SylvanPlay, our mobile games network for grades 1-4! SylvanPlay is a library of fun, Sylvan-approved educational apps all packaged together. Your child will love the entertainment; you’ll love that he or she is learning. (Talk about guilt-free screen time!) We’ve searched high and low to find the best educational apps so all you have to do is get your family ready to play.

Playing and learning is easy with SylvanPlay

With SylvanPlay, you can feel great about your child’s digital playtime:

  • Screen time = fun learning time (cheers for edutainment!)
  • Lots of educational apps to improve skills in math, language arts, science, geography and so much more
  • All apps are organized in a safe mobile games network, so they’re easy to find
  • Every game is Sylvan-approved for educational value and quality content
  • Regular additions of new mobile games, keeping learning fresh and fun
  • Available on iOS and Android, so learning can take place anytime, anywhere

Download SylvanPlay Apps

Go to the Apple App Store or Android’s Google Play Store. Type any of our game titles into the search function to find our mobile games network. (Tip: Look for our green, smiley face icon.) Download the SylvanPlay apps to your mobile device. Let the learning fun begin!