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Learning Resources for Parents

If you’re looking for ways to make your child more successful in school (and in life beyond), you’ve come to the right place. Our parent resources are designed to help you navigate your child’s education, and great news, they’re free.

Free Resources from Other Sylvan Websites

Sylvan has a number of interactive websites to help your child make progress in reading, algebra and math in a personal and fun way. You’ll also find tools to gain new insight into your child.

Learning Styles Quiz

School Success

School success often starts outside the classroom. The good news is, we’ve got your back with tips and tools for homework help, improving your child’s study skills, getting to know Common Core and more.

Tutoring Information

What are the signs your child may need tutoring? Can tutoring really help your child ... and if so, how? Find these answers and other useful tutoring information.

Timely Topics

Our timely topics can help your family prepare for school milestones — from navigating report card season, to getting your child ready to start a new school year, to moving up to middle or high school.

College Planning

Whether you’re in the heart of college planning or you’re just starting to think about it, our college planning resources can help you and your child get a step ahead.

Sylvan Source Blog

Our Sylvan Source blog is where parenting and education meet. Our mom bloggers share ideas and tips on diverse topics — from family learning ideas, to parenting tips (and tricks), to technology for kids.