Fun worksheets and activities for grades K-5

Whether your child is just entering kindergarten or finishing his or her final year of elementary school, our free, colorful vocabulary worksheets will keep his or her mind learning and growing! From word endings, to verbs, to synonyms and antonyms, these activities will teach your child important literature strategies and help him or her to become a better reader in no time.

You can also find our popular Sylvan Language Arts Workbooks, which are full of curriculum-based, kid-friendly, teacher-reviewed reading concepts and activities, by grade. (For sale on our online store with Penguin Random House.)




This is a great age for growth, as kindergarteners love learning new things and becoming “big kids.” Your child will enjoy these colorful and engaging pages, which will help him or her become familiar with the foundational reading skills needed for success in school. These worksheets cover word endings, recognizing letters, learning to read words and more!


Grades 1 and 2


These are important reading years, and many children begin first grade sounding out basic consonant-vowel-consonant three-letter words, such as “cat.” By the end of the year, first graders are reading more complicated sentences. By second grade, children are becoming fluent readers in chapter books and should be able to read and comprehend main ideas. Check out the variety of worksheets, all jam-packed with activities to help your first grader improve his or her reading skills in a fun and engaging way.


Grades 3, 4 and 5


Third graders are no longer learning to read, they’re reading to learn. And they’re using more complex reading strategies, such as asking questions, making inferences and summarizing. By fourth and fifth grade, your child should be reading longer chapter books, and he or she should be able to synthesize information from two texts and learn new vocabulary words using context clues. Check out these activity packets to help your child fine-tune these skills as he or she prepares for middle school.