Sharing Strategies to Last Well Beyond Senior Year

It’s hard to believe your child is in 12th grade! But really, he or she isn’t a child anymore, right? With college and other opportunities just around the corner, keeping up with 12th grade reading and preparing for life after high school can be very demanding. Our 12th grade reading tutors keep “demanding” from becoming “overwhelming.” Using a personal approach, interactive technology and the latest teaching methods, our reading tutors truly connect with you teen, imparting advanced reading skills — and confidence — that will last well beyond high school.

Advanced reading strategies

With 12th grade reading tutoring, your teen will learn to:

  • Develop the ability to comprehend difficult texts
  • Use strategies to decode unfamiliar words
  • Understand and interpret the meaning of new words
  • Anticipate how information in a text will need to be utilized
  • Analyze literature