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Transition to College With Ease

Have you noticed that your teenager’s reading workload is multiplying with each year of school? Just imagine what it will be like when your son or daughter heads to college! There’s no question that success in school depends on the ability to read effectively, and that’s why so many college-bound teens take advantage of our Advanced Reading Strategies program.

In Advanced Reading Strategies, your son or daughter will learn how to master strategic reading skills that can help improve speed and comprehension. During each class, our advanced reading tutors will work with your son or daughter to:

  • Identify and eliminate poor reading habits.
  • Increase reading speed, comprehension and recall.
  • Build the skills and strategies that effective readers use.
  • Develop a flexible reading strategy based on the type of content being read.

Before you know it, you’ll see your son or daughter become more efficient with reading assignments, better manage his or her time, tackle bigger workloads with confidence and bring home higher scores.

Give yourself a pat on the back. You’re helping your teenager make a smooth transition to college with skills that can last a lifetime.

Make a positive impact on SAT and ACT scores

While we don’t specifically cover the SAT and ACT tests in Advanced Reading Strategies, the skills your teen is learning can make a positive impact on both tests.

On the SAT, 66 percent of the verbal score is based on passage-based reading. Meanwhile, on the ACT, the reading and science sections make up 50 percent of your teen’s final scores. Your son or daughter has to be able to read 300 words per minute to finish all the reading passages and have time to answer the questions.

Our reading tutors teach three critical skills that can contribute to higher test scores: speed, comprehension and recall. We make time a non-factor on the reading portions of the SAT and ACT, so your teen can increase his or her scores.

Tip! To make the biggest impact on test results, combine Advanced Reading Strategies with our SAT Prep and ACT Prep programs.

What to expect from Advanced Reading Strategies

Your son or daughter will enjoy:

  • A proven mix of personal instruction and independent learning offered in a small group setting.
  • An assessment to determine the best place to start and achieve results quickly.
  • Measurable progress and results, such as increasing his or her average effective reading rate (ERR).
  • Great reading and time management skills that will make college workloads more manageable and can last a lifetime.

Where we offer Advanced Reading Strategies

Many Sylvan centers offer Advanced Reading Strategies. To find out if it’s available in your area, contact your local center.

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