How Sylvan’s Personalized Tutoring Compares...

To Private Tutors, Kumon, Mathnasium and Huntington.

When it comes to Personalized Tutoring, no one gets results like Sylvan.
Here are ways that Sylvan soars above the rest:

Results you can count on.

We’ve been delivering results for nearly 40 years! Our students typically see up to two to three times more growth in their math and reading scores than other students.

A team you can trust.

Your local educational experts use a proven process to guarantee your child gets results. But we don’t just boost your child’s scores—we boost confidence too!

The best learning experience.

Your child gets a highly customized learning plan for his or her exact needs, skills and pace. We set your child up for success from the very beginning.

How do other tutoring solutions measure up?

Sylvan is the best choice. Here are more reasons why:
Tutoring Comparisons
Other Programs
Measurement & Results Private Tutors Huntington® Kumon® Mathnasium®
Guaranteed skill progress in math and reading: Students will demonstrate mastery of at least 50 skills in 50 hours of instruction
Proven results backed by third-party research studies
Teaching Profile & Environment
Team of education experts, including a state-certified Director of Education on staff, to ensure your student always has a tutor
Low student-to-tutor ratio
Dedicated, professional learning environment Varies
Proven, systematic motivational system for kids that rewards positive academic behaviors like effort, perseverance and positive attitude with prizes and tokens Varies Varies
Educational Program Overview
Robust proprietary curriculum in math and reading that's aligned with college and career readiness standards
Computer-adaptive assessment tests and progress assessments that are consistently updated and validated by nationally recognized testing partner
Teacher and student engage using technology together at the instruction table for interactive and personal lesson plans that adapt to your child’s exact skill level and pace.
Parent portal with online progress tracking
Proprietary online learning activities for kids to continue learning in a wide variety of subjects outside of Sylvan.
Regularly-scheduled progress meetings for parents
Diversification of Programs
Reading, writing, math, algebra, geometry, study skills, ACT/SAT test prep, state test prep, robotics, coding, engineering, science, college readiness and more to support the full child Varies
Designations based on information from national branded websites.

Guaranteed skill progress: Students will demonstrate mastery of at least 50 skills in 50 hours of instruction

Private Tutors
Designations based on information from national branded websites

Sylvan’s approach works

At Sylvan, we provide a personalized and engaging learning experience every step of the way. We do that through our proven approach — known as Sylvan Insight™:


Using a computer adaptive assessment, we evaluate your child’s strengths, needs, beliefs and behaviors, so we know exactly where to start.


We create a personal learning plan that’s unique to your child’s needs, so he or she can achieve success quickly.


Our expert tutors adapt to your child’s skill level and pace in real time. (Yes, those are smiles you’re seeing!)


Results matter—to you and to us! We measure and reward progress to engage your child. And we guarantee progress.

All along the way, we interact with you and your child’s classroom teacher on a consistent basis. This helps ensure your child is applying the skills being learned at Sylvan in school, and you’re seeing a difference at home.

How Sylvan’s approach compares to tutors and other learning centers

How Sylvan compares to private tutors

How do you know private tutors will deliver results? What if your child needs help in multiple subjects?

Our friendly, certified teachers not only know your local curriculum, but they’re also ready to support you with many subjects. Plus, Sylvan uses a proven process to guarantee your child gets results. Our Sylvan Insight™ Assessment pinpoints the exact areas to focus on right away, so you can reach your goals and get results faster.

How Sylvan compares to Kumon®

Kumon’s method focuses primarily on “students’ ability to self-learn”—from completing worksheets without direct instruction to completing daily homework that parents have to grade.

When it comes to mastering math and reading, independent learning only goes so far. Our interactive, hands-on learning led by passionate tutors makes learning a more engaging and rewarding experience for your son or daughter. And with our personalized learning approach, we focus on what your child needs without repeating skills he or she has already learned.

How Sylvan compares to Mathnasium®

Mathnasium is a “math-only learning center” with math help, math enrichment and high school math.

Sylvan provides expert help in all subject areas— from help in reading, writing, test prep and study skills, through enrichment in robotics, coding, engineering and more. As your child’s learning needs evolve, we can grow with him or her to provide the comprehensive support needed to be successful in school and in life.

How Sylvan compares to Huntington®

At Sylvan, we use technology as a teaching tool. Our teachers keep kids engaged and having fun! We’ve created our own instructional system for personal tutoring called SylvanSync™. Not only does it allow us to place your child in the exact spot he or she needs to be, our teachers and students engage using technology at the table together. SylvanSync™ also tracks your child’s progress every step of the way. This way, you know it’s working! We can also align our curriculum to your child’s school and work collaboratively with your child’s classroom teacher to ensure a truly personalized experience. In fact, Sylvan students can see up to three times more growth in their math scores than non-Sylvan students.

This way, you know your tutoring is working!