Sylvan Learning Vietnam Expands Educational Program Offerings

by Sylvan Learning | Jul 10, 2020

Sylvan Learning initially offered STEM programs after coming to Ho Chi Minh City in 2017; the brand is now extending its educational services to offer EFL, math, test prep and more.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam — The leading American education brand Sylvan Learning, which first brought its 40 years of experience to Vietnam in 2017, is now expanding its program offerings in the country. Sylvan Learning offers Vietnamese students the best learning environment, with up-to-date teaching and learning methodologies, as well as a diverse curriculum portfolio.

Based in the United States and boasting more than 750 points of presence worldwide, Sylvan Learning is the leading provider of personal learning for students in grades K-12. Sylvan Learning partners with schools and families and has thousands of school relationships in North America. Now, Sylvan is quickly becoming a coveted brand internationally with locations in Canada, Hong Kong, UAE, Kuwait and Vietnam.

“Vietnam is one of Sylvan Learning’s recent destinations for services,” said CEO John McAuliffe. “Starting with a network of 11 centers and two satellites in Ho Chi Minh City, Sylvan Learning Vietnam inherits and is committed to the same educational beliefs and values that Sylvan Learning has been pursuing over the past 40 years in the U.S. Vietnamese students are benefiting from Sylvan Learning’s proprietary learning programs in state-of-the-art facilities. The inclusive learning environment is personalized to each student and helps children reach their full potential by fostering a love of learning.”

Sylvan Learning Vietnam initially offered STEM programs exclusively, helping kids develop high-value skills like algebra, problem-solving, critical thinking and STEM vocabulary. Now, Sylvan Learning Vietnam is promoting a diversified training portfolio, including robotics, engineering, math, coding, SAT and ACT test prep, IELTS test prep and diverse EFL curriculums. Those programs, while helping the students achieve new levels of academic success, ignite their intellectual curiosity and nurture their love for learning.

Sylvan’s proprietary Sylvan Method™ was developed through academic research, years of teaching experience and technology. In addition to STEM, Sylvan has a breadth of programs including reading, writing, math, SAT and ACT prep, study skills and advanced reading to challenge all students, build confidence, boost skills and help deliver better grades. The results speak for themselves. Based on independent research, Sylvan students see up to three times more academic growth than other students. Sylvan’s Personalized Tutoring programs guarantee progress results. As education and technology evolve, Sylvan continues to be at the forefront of using learning technology with their proprietary program, SylvanSync.

“Sylvan Learning in Vietnam is a strong partnership,” said VP of Education Emily Levitt. “We know that Vietnam has been committed to STEM education and supporting the growth of engineering and technology industries. As we add new programs, there's a need for Sylvan educational services, and we have the ability to help more children achieve their dreams.”

Moving forward, Vietnam is a promising and appealing market for U.S. educational models. Geographical distance is now no longer a barrier as students, either in the USA or in Vietnam, receive the same advanced learning resources and methodologies. As the brand continues to evolve its curriculum, Sylvan Learning believes that their caring and student-centered learning environment will help students become not only successful but also fulfilled individuals.



With more than 40 years of experience and more than 750 points of presence throughout North America, Sylvan Learning is the leading provider of personal learning for students in grades K-12. Sylvan is transforming how students learn, inspiring them to succeed in school and in life. Sylvan’s proven tutoring approach blends amazing teachers with SylvanSync™ technology on the iPad® for an engaging learning experience. Sylvan also leads the way with Sylvan EDGE — STEM and accelerated courses — and Sylvan Prep — college and test prep courses. Sylvan supports families through every stage of the academic journey. For more information, visit or