Teaching From Home Tips From Sylvan Learning of Greenville's Owner Featured on WSPA

by Sylvan Learning | Mar 28, 2020

Amy Gardner, Sylvan Learning Owner in South Carolina, was featured on WSPA to give parents tips on teaching from home.

Teaching From Home Tips


  1. Set a schedule.
  2. Be consistent with your schedule all week.
  3. Set expectations with your child. These will be different, depending on your child's age.
  4. Create a distraction-free study area. (No TV remotes allowed!)
  5. It's OK to reach out to your child's teachers with questions. Set up a phone call or virtual conference with your child's teacher if you have questions or concerns. Teachers are there to help!
  6. Take short study breaks throughout the day. 
  7. Work your child's school schedule around your at-home work schedule.

Amy recommends parents reach out to their local Sylvan if they need additional academic support during COVID-19 school closures and disruptions. Sylvan's local tutors are available for live, online K-12 tutoring sessions!

And, with the SAT and ACT tests being delayed, Amy advises teens to work on prepping for the big tests. These tests aren't going anywhere, and this is a good time to get even more prepped.

Plus, Amy notes that Sylvan Nation is a great free resource for parents. There are tons of worksheets, tips and tools!

Watch the full WSPA segment here.