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Sylvan Learning of New Bern Has Kelly James Step In As New Owner

by Sylvan Learning | Jul 16, 2018

After purchasing the Sylvan Learning centers in Greenville and Washington in July 2017, Kelly James purchased the Sylvan Learning of New Bern location in April 2018. 

Kelly, who was a speech pathologist for 25 years, says she was "looking for a change" when she decided to purchase the learning centers.

“With my speech pathology background, I worked one-on-one in small group situations with people all my career,” said Kelly. “Sylvan, as a supplemental education business, really fit right into my skill set. Helping people continue to learn was attractive to me.”

As the new owner, Kelly's goals are to partner with more local businesses and schools to expand the center's reach and build more academic confidence. She is also looking to hire more employees at the center.

Kelly is confident that Sylvan's variety of programs can help each student reach his or her individual academic goals. She says, "There’s all different ways we can help our students succeed."

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