Local Couple Work to Reopen Stockton Sylvan Learning Center

by Sylvan Learning | Mar 26, 2018

After the Sylvan Learning Center in Stockton, California, closed its doors, many families were left without a resource for their children’s academic needs. One set of parents particularly affected by the closing was Cyrus and Enna Yannos. Without a tutoring center within close proximity to their neighborhood, the couple decided to take action.

After personally experiencing the benefits of Sylvan’s 1:3 teacher to student ratio and dedication to academic success with their own children, Cyrus and Enna decided to become SLC franchisees and reopen the local center. Within two months of the original Stockton center closing its doors, the couple purchased the rights for the territory, which already had previous students eager to return to the center, and the potential for the growth in the target market.

“Hopefully it’s going to give us profit, but you know first and foremost the reason why we do this is for our kids,” Cyrus said.

Sylvan provides marketing help and support to all franchisees, which the Stockton couple is utilizing to ensure the launching of their new business is as successful as possible. The couple is pushing to expand the center’s robotics and coding offerings, making them available year-round, where they were previously only available during the summer. Cyrus and Enna plan on making some changes to the center, but they will ensure that Sylvan’s renowned quality of teaching remains the same. 

For more information, please read Central Valley Business Journal's full article, Stockton Sylvan Learning Center reopened by local couple, on their website.