Sylvan Learning Continues to Evolve to Match Growing Needs

by Sylvan Learning | Aug 22, 2017

John McAuliffe, Sylvan Learning's CEO, was recently featured on a Cheddar segment to talk about Sylvan's continued growth and evolution to match children's changing needs.

Sylvan's individualized programs combine technology and face-to-face interaction with tutors to teach new concepts, strengthen skills and build confidence. Our technology adapts to each child as he or she continue to progress, while our tutors encourage students, answer questions and clarify concepts at an individualized speed. The result is a highly personalized learning program that gets results.

Each program offered is slightly different in order to match children's individual needs and goals, which leads to a varied length of time spent at Sylvan. But in recent years, the need for programs in the "middle lane" has increased and led to development of new programs, decreasing the overall average time spent at Sylvan. The middle lane is for children who want to keep up with workloads, but are neither considered behind nor ahead of their peers.

With a growing interest in STEM education, Sylvan has increased robotics, coding, engineering and math programs. John says the goal of increasing STEM options is to, "Capture children at a young age and engage them with hands-on, fun activities." STEM tutoring accounts for 10 percent of Sylvan's services, and John expects it to dramatically grow in the coming years. 

Watch the Reinventing Education in a Digital Age segment on Cheddar.