Sylvan Learning of Corpus Christi Talks About the Importance of Utilizing Tutoring Services at the Start of the School Year on KRIS 6 News

by Sylvan Learning | Aug 17, 2017

Many parents start to think about tutoring services after their children have been in school a few weeks, but experts say that utilizing tutoring programs at the start of the school year can be even more beneficial. Andrea Flores, Director of Education at Sylvan Learning of Corpus Christi, was recently featured on KRIS 6 News where she gave parents advice on when to seek additional academic help for their children.

“If your children struggled the year before, if you know homework was hard for them, talk about intervention and maybe call the center or ask the school what other kind of assisted programs they have, just to get them the help right away,” said Andrea.

With a tutor's guidance, children can be kept on track and avoid problems before they start. Nationwide, math and reading are the two subjects that children most often need extra help with.  

Andrea says that parents should watch out for subtle cues from their kids to determine if tutoring would be beneficial. For example, if your child struggles with homework at night, it might be a sign that they need some help.

“We tend to see that children who get help and feel very confident at the beginning of the year have a great year,” said Andrea.

Watch the It's never too early to utilize tutoring services segment on KRIS 6 News.