Sylvan Learning of College Station Helps Families Prepare for the School Year with Study Habit Tips

by Sylvan Learning | Aug 15, 2017

Sylvan Learning of College Station's center director, LaWren Gunter, was recently featured on KBTX-TV, where she shares several study habit tips for parents and students. Before the school year begins, LaWren says it's important to have a conversation with your child in order to set expectations and be prepared for a successful year.

Throughout her time as director of Sylvan Learning of College Station, LaWren has noticed that many children do not get enough sleep. She says that one way to help kids get more sleep is to dock cell phones and iPads in a separate room from children's bedrooms at night so kids aren't tempted to use devices when they should be sleeping. She also encourages families to figure out what kind of organizational system will work best for them, whether that be large calendars or apps, and keep the schedule updated with important test and project due dates.

In order to create good study habits, LaWren gives these five tips:

1. Designate a space for studying. 
2. Plan a time to study every day - either after school or 6 p.m. 
3. Study for at least 30 minutes every day, no matter what. Even if kids don't have homework, they can read or practice handwriting.
4. Write out notes to help remember the information,
5. Review notes daily. 

Watch the Creating a study plan for the new school year segment on WBTX-TV's website.