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Mastering Math Has Never Been So Fun!

With Math Edge, our math mastery program for grades 1–6, your child will build the critical skills needed for higher-level math yet to come — all while having a blast. Math Edge is a great way to build confidence, get up to grade level or jump ahead. And it’s very affordable.

Big academic impact

A favorite among kids, Math Edge uses fun, brain-boosting activities to help your child solve math problems in cool and engaging ways. (Say goodbye to mind-numbing drills!)

With each math lesson, your son or daughter will develop problem solving skills and get faster and more accurate with essential math skills. You’ll love seeing your child develop critical thinking skills, build math confidence and have a lot of fun.

Getting a good math foundation in elementary school is so important for developing higher-level thinking skills and being successful in science and technology. Our Math Edge curriculum aligns with what’s taught in school, so what your child learns at Sylvan will make a big impact in the classroom — and far beyond.

How Math Edge works

It’s convenient and fun! You sign your child up for two, one-hour sessions per week, choosing the days that work best for your family. Your child is welcome to sign up with friends. (Great camaraderie for the kids, easier carpooling for you.)

Each session, your child completes brain-boosting activities that grow more challenging with every assignment. Math Edge follows a proven, five-step approach:

  1. Learning
  2. Practicing
  3. Problem Solving
  4. Engaging
  5. Reinforcing

We flex your child’s thinking skills as he or she works through a series of activities on each topic. This approach ensures your child truly understands and can apply math concepts, while building his or her math confidence.

Math Edge offers a low stress environment. Your child works independently, while our math tutors offer coaching and encouragement. As your child progresses, our math tutors grade your child’s assignments, sharing personal feedback and helping your child understand errors.

During each session, your child takes a break from individual work and collaborates with a small group of kids to tackle math puzzles and fun brainteasers. The kids just love it!

And another thing the kids love... Cool rewards! Our math tutors use Sylvan’s proven motivational system to bring out the best in your child. Your son or daughter earns rewards for working hard and achieving goals, including individual and group rewards. (Make room on the fridge for some big honors.)

What to expect from Math Edge

  • Diverse activities that help the kids think about math in different ways, so concepts stick
  • Fun, brain-boosting activities and a cool rewards system
  • Full, one-hour sessions in a low stress setting
  • A big academic impact with math content aligned with college and career readiness standards
  • FREE online learning activities, so developing a love of math can take place anywhere, anytime
  • Exceptional value and convenience, including 60-minute sessions, access to free online math games, and regular progress updates — all with an affordable, monthly membership fee

Where we offer Math Edge

Math Edge is available in our Sylvan centers nationwide. Contact your local center to find out whether Math Edge is available in your area.

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