Introduce your child to essential skills for the future with our innovative STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) programs.


Robotics for Kids

Your child will jump into fun, hands-on projects building and animating LEGO® robots. Each session has a creative theme to inspire the kids as they brainstorm and experiment with amazing robots. It’s a wonderful way to develop STEM and problem solving skills — and get those imaginations racing.


Coding for Kids

Your child will love creating video games through interactive projects, including a game to play with friends. Plus, kids can’t get enough of our cool technology platform. Our complex games, backgrounds and graphics make learning coding, physics and problem solving skills an absolute blast.


Math Edge

Your child will solve engaging “brain boosters,” building math speed, proficiency and accuracy with each one. In addition to individual exercises, the kids work together to tackle math puzzles and challenges. Kids love the fun format, and it develops deep learning. Soon you’ll be hearing, “More math, please!”


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* These Sylvan Learning programs are not affiliated with, sponsored by or endorsed by LEGO® Education or the LEGO® Group.
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