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Get support for homework, advanced subjects or to get ready for the SAT and ACT tests. We can help your child accelerate skills, take on tough workloads and gain an edge for the future with our new Advancement and Test Prep Programs.

With Sylvan's tutoring programs, your teen will:

  • Feel confident and prepared (no more frustration!) Our tutors understand the new teaching methods taught in school. They’re highly skilled at guiding and inspiring advanced students.
  • Learn in the best way for him or her. We tailor your child’s learning solution — from one-on-one sessions through small group classes — to your family’s goals, so your student gets the exact support that’s needed.
  • Be more successful. Partnering with our advancement experts is like working with a dedicated coach. There’s a big impact — from higher scores, to skills for college and high-demand careers.

The best results come from the best prep. Get a Sylvan tutor on your side!


Sylvan Instruction
  • Master the skills to raise scores! Five to eight weeks — that’s all it takes for many of our students to master the skills they need to raise their scores.
  • Feel confident and prepared on test day. Yes, your teen will learn effective test-taking strategies for the SAT or ACT. But just as important, we’ll also help your teen master the academic skills that matter on test day. (And these skills can help in school too!)
  • Improve individual skill areas that need a boost. With Sylvan, your teen gets a personalized lesson path. Plus, he or she will be able to take advantage of our core-tutoring curriculum to target and improve the skills and subjects that need the most work.
  • Learn in ways that improve skill mastery. Our test prep tutors use a proven mix of face-to-face and online activities to get concepts to click. We use technology in new and smart ways, so your son or daughter can achieve the best results. Plus, our practice tests get your teen ready for real-life test conditions. that.)

Sylvan Instruction

"My daughter just started going to Sylvan and already has so much more confidence, enjoys her school work, and loves going to ACT prep class. She comes home and tells me and my husband how nice and helpful everyone is. She loves the teaching style and feels like someone really cares about how she is doing and helping her get to her goals."

— Lisa M., ACT Prep

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Sylvan Instruction

Available by phone or in-person at a time that works for you, this no-pressure conversation is your chance to:

  • Feel heard: Share your teen's needs with your local Sylvan tutoring expert
  • Discuss options for your child: Explore how our learning experience works
  • Feel 100% comfortable: Ask any question you want, from pricing to results
  • See why kids LOVE coming to Sylvan: Tour our center (if you’d like)

You’ll walk away with a clear picture of whether Sylvan is a good fit for your child.


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