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Summer Camps

Build Momentum Over the Summer

As you look for summer camps and other fun activities to keep your kids busy during school breaks, why not consider Sylvan summer camps? They’re a great way to help your kids avoid summer learning loss and head back to school with confidence.

Making a small investment in summer learning can make a big difference in the fall, from growing your child’s skills and confidence, to giving your child an academic edge. Sylvan summer camps pick up where the classroom leaves off, blending the latest teaching methods, engaging activities and games, and a fun rewards system to inspire your child in learning.

When the summer ends, your child will step into the classroom ready and excited about the new school year, and you’ll know that choosing a Sylvan summer camp was a great investment.

How our summer camps work

Each Sylvan summer camp focuses on a specific skill or subject area — from math skills, to reading, to writing techniques — so your child can boost his or her confidence where needed.

Our camps are available for pre-k and kindergarteners up through high school students. Each camp is targeted to a few grade levels, so the topic of the camp is challenging for your child, but not overwhelming. Plus, by grouping kids of similar ages, your child can make new friends. Summer learning is fun learning!

What to expect from our camps

Sylvan summer camps are:

  • Designed with engaging activities and games to make summer learning fun.
  • Led by amazing tutors who use our Sylvan motivational system to help build your child’s confidence.
  • Made to fit your busy summer schedule and other school breaks.
  • Aligned with local curriculum, so what your child learns in summer camp makes an impact in the classroom.

Explore our summer camps by topic:


Reading and Writing

Study Skills

Camp Sum Fun: Addition and Subtraction Math Fun (grades 1-3)

Summary: A fun summer camp to improve your child’s understanding of basic addition and subtraction facts, while increasing speed and accuracy.

Your child will:

  • Learn strategies to help with addition and subtraction.
  • Understand the concept that addition and subtraction are related.
  • Increase speed and accuracy of basic addition and subtraction facts.
  • Solve simple addition and subtraction word problems.

Math Facts: Multiply and Divide (grades 3-5)

Summary: A fun summer camp to improve your child’s understanding of basic multiplication and division facts, while increasing speed and accuracy.

Your child will:

  • Understand the concept of multiplication as repeated addition.
  • Identify division facts related to multiplication facts.
  • Learn multiplication to help with multiplication facts.
  • Increase speed and accuracy of basic multiplication and division facts.

Fraction Action I (grades 3-5)

Summary: A fun summer camp to build your child’s confidence with basic fractions.

Your child will:

  • Model and write fractions.
  • Find equivalent fractions.
  • Add and subtract fractions with like and unlike denominators.
  • Compare and order fractions.

Solve This I: Math Problem Solving (grades 4-5)

Summary: In this summer camp, your child will become a confident, analytical thinker and a problem solver. Your child will explore many options to solve problems and discuss his or her tactics with the group.

Your child will:

  • Review the problem-solving process: Understand, Plan, Solve and Look Back.
  • Learn and apply multiple problem-solving strategies such as: Draw a Picture, Find a Pattern, Work Backward and Solve a Simpler Problem.
  • Solve different types of word problems.

Solve This II: Math Problem Solving (grades 6-7)

Summary: In this summer camp, your child will gain the skills to become a confident, analytical thinker and an effective problem solver.

Your child will:

  • Learn and apply multiple problem solving strategies such as: Find a Pattern, Work Backward, Solve a Simpler Problem, Draw a Diagram and Write an Equation.
  • Write and solve equations for word problems.
  • Use logic to solve puzzles.
  • Solve geometry problems.

Fraction Action II (grades 6-7)

Summary: A fun summer camp to improve your child’s advanced fraction skills and develop confidence working with fractions.

Your child will:

  • Find equivalent fractions.
  • Compare and ordering fractions.
  • Add and subtract fractions.
  • Multiply and divide fractions.

Fit 4 Algebra Summer Camp (grades 6-9)

Summary: Fit 4 Algebra Summer Camp will strengthen your child's confidence in math and get him or her in tip-top shape for algebra!

Your child will:

  • Enjoy personal attention and a chance to collaborate.
  • Participate in fun learning activities to stay engaged and motivated.
  • Focus on the benchmark skills that contribute to success in algebra.

Read Ahead (pre-K and kindergarten)

Summary: A fun summer camp for your child to build early reading skills.

Your child will:

  • Recognize and write capital and lowercase letters.
  • Build listening comprehension strategies.
  • Increase book awareness.

Writing Camp (grades 4-9)

Summary: Our Writing Summer Camp will help your child learn strategic and creative writing techniques to boost confidence not only in Language Arts, but in all subject areas. Our expert teachers coach your child through an array of engaging writing activities, including creating original websites, stories and articles. Your child will walk away with a published journal to showcase his or her work.

Your child will:

  • Gain skills and techniques to compose and edit various types of materials.
  • Enjoy personal attention within a collaborative environment.
  • Practice in real-world writing applications.

Back to School Boot Camp (grades 6-8)

Summary: Middle school can be an exciting but challenging time for students. They have to adjust to new environments, take on more responsibilities and handle heavier workloads. Our Back to School Boot Camp will give your child the skills, confidence and personal attention needed for success — both in and out of the classroom.

Your child will learn how to:

  • Set goals for the upcoming year.
  • Manage his or her time wisely.
  • Organize schoolwork and study areas.
  • Use strategies to address learning preferences.
  • Assess and successfully tackle all learning situations.
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