Sylvan Assessment

The Sylvan Assessment Process Explained

Unmatched Insight into Your Child

Say good-bye to guessing. Rather than assuming your child’s ability based on age and grade, we determine your child’s exact academic needs and attitudes towards learning through our innovative Sylvan assessment process. We dig much deeper than other tutoring companies, and the unique insight we gather allows us to create a personal learning plan, just for your child.

Each Sylvan assessment includes:

  • Our computer-adaptive skills assessment, pinpointing your child’s strengths and needs.
  • Observations from Sylvan tutors, identifying your child’s abilities in oral reading, writing and math.
  • A self-evaluation your child completes, rating his or her own habits and attitudes towards school, which can affect academic performance.

Think of the Sylvan assessment process as unparalleled insight into your child. (Just imagine if you had this level of insight all the time!) Typically, our assessment takes 1.0–1.5 hours to complete, and we can share the results and your child’s personal learning plan the same day.

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