Winter STEM Activities For Kids

By Heather Smith


This season, you can keep your kids busy while staying educational with these great winter STEM Activities.

STEM is all about teaching and learning in the core science, technology, engineering and math subjects. These classroom subjects help to build a strong educational base and offer a great set of life skills that will help your children in their future career endeavors.

Winter STEM_Sylvan Learning_Organic 1

Science Activities: Science makes up so much of the world around us, and winter STEM activities for kids simply have to include some fun science experiments. Classic science activities for winter and holiday months include:

  • Discussing how water changes form when it freezes, melts or becomes a gas.
  • Sink and float experiments in water can be tons of fun with different holiday items. Fill a jar or large bowl with water, and various waterproof holiday decorations. Things like plastic and glass ornaments, beads and even small jingle bells can all be placed inside the jar to see if they will sink or float.
  • Use Ivory soap in the microwave to make “fake snow” to play in and create shapes with.

Technology Activities: Technology encompasses everything from learning how to program something in a coding language, to how our television operates and the holidays gives plenty of time to dive deeper into these subjects.

Try the following with your kids when they have some free time in the coming month:

  • Use free online tutorials for Scratch or Python programming language to program a fun holiday message to appear on their computer.
  • Have your child use a camera, smartphone or tablet to take pictures of things like their action figures, the nativity scene display or your Elf On The Shelf to create their own stop motion video. They can then use various online tools to edit and add music, their own voice overlay or pop-up banners.

Engineering Activities:

  • Build a unique Christmas tree using washers, bolts, string, twine and other fun bits and pieces around the house. Washers and bolts in various sizes can be stacked and glued to create a great tree. Afterward, try adding simple bits of string or other small ornaments to the tree to dress it up.
  • Using simple string, have your kids measure lengths to tie together and attach to the porch to create a fun and unique snowflake pattern. Have them place this in an area that is likely to get hit by rain or snow to create an iced over true giant snowflake pattern.

Winter STEM_Sylvan Learning_Organic 2

Math Activities: Math applies to every part of our lives. From figuring the change at the shopping mall when you buy a gift, to how geometric patterns work throughout the world to create beautiful patterns and images. These ideas are simple ways to include some holiday STEM activities for kids this season that are math focused.

  • Snowflakes and frost on windows are perfect for discussing and sharing with your kids about fractals. The fun repeating patterns of fractal math can lead to great discussions about math patterns in numbers as well as geometric patterns.
  • Create colorful icicles by attaching string to a porch railing, and letting it drop down into a cup with colored water. Watch as ice forms along the string in the various colors inside each cup. This is a great way to talk more about ice patterns and shapes.

These STEM activities for kids are sure to keep your children busy throughout their holiday break. Not only will they be having tons of fun, they will be learning more about the world around them in the process. Building life-long skills using core science, technology, engineering and math concepts will help your child be prepared for an amazing future.