Why Your Kids Should Use a Homework Planner Sheet

By Becky of Your Modern Family

Homework Help

Sylvan partnered with Your Modern Family for this post.

Homework isn’t always something kids (or parents) look forward to, but teachers do give it out for good reasons. Homework gives your child time to practice skills, reinforce new concepts, review his or her work with mom or dad and practice time-management skills. Your Modern Family is offering a free Homework Planner sheet to help you and your child stay on top of work and make homework time more constructive!

Homework Planner Sheet

For many families, the hardest part of homework is just finding the time to fit it and make it count. Rushing through homework may ensure your child’s work is marked complete the next day, but if you don’t allow enough time for it, your child won’t have the chance to really benefit from the extra practice. When you allot enough time each day for homework, your child is able to learn from the work, as well as ask questions and dig deeper into concepts and ideas.

Your Modern Family recommends using the Homework Planner sheet each week to help with organization. Using the sheet allows kids to look ahead at the upcoming week and write down every extracurricular activity and due date for projects and tests. For example, write “soccer practice” on Tuesday so your child knows he or she will have less time for homework that night. By doing this, your child is practicing important time-management skills.

If your child needs extra help in a subject, such as math, you can use the planner to add in more practice, such as “addition and subtraction flash card practice” on Wednesday, or to schedule time for a tutoring session at Sylvan. Sylvan’s students typically see up to two times more growth in math scores than their peers. Our tutors will help your child to master the skills to get back on track and build confidence and self-esteem!

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Overall, if you find that your child is not staying caught up with work, Your Modern Family recommends asking yourself two things:

1. Are they setting aside time to actually complete their work and not letting other things come before it?

2. Are they able to do their work? Sometimes kids ignore work because it is simply not making sense to them. Perhaps the subject or topic is confusing.  This is when it is time to ask for help, as most math concepts build off of the previous lesson, so you need to understand one to understand the next.

We hope you and your child find the Homework Planner sheet helpful!

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