What is an Academic Coach? (And why to add one to your after-school routine)

By Sylvan Learning

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What is an Academic Coach?
(And why to add one to your after-school routine)

As parents, we intuitively know that coaches can help our kids get better at passing a soccer ball, mastering an intricate dance move or getting ready for a clarinet solo.

Coaches give our kids an edge.

But did you know that coaches are just as important for school too?

Coaches for school are known as academic coaches … and they can make all the difference in your child’s performance and attitudes toward schoolwork.

What’s an academic coach?

Think of an academic coach as an instructor and a motivator in one person.

An academic coach gives your child proactive support on schoolwork and opportunities to practice skills, so your child’s learning stays on track throughout the school year.

As you know, your child’s academic needs change from week to week — and sometimes, from day to day!

This week, your child may need support with a reading comprehension assignment. Next week, your child may face a big math test on fractions or quadratic equations.

The good news is that an academic coach adapts to your child’s individual needs in each session.

Your child could work with an academic coach to …

… tackle tricky homework assignments in the way skills are taught in school, so confidence goes up and frustration comes down.

… practice tough skills, so your child really understands them and the skills stick. (The more kids practice, the better they get!)

… Prepare for big tests, so your child feels in control and scores well.

… Improve study habits, time management skills and attitudes toward schoolwork, so the school year runs even smoother.

Who’s an academic coach ideal for?

Academic coaches work well with different types of students.

Type one: Your son or daughter just isn’t feeling challenged in school. You’re looking for fresh ways to engage and challenge your child.

Type two: Your child does pretty well in school, but you’ve noticed one or two things lately that you’d like to get ahead of, such as:

  • A low test grade
  • Frustration at homework time
  • Struggles with a tough workload

Type three: Your child could benefit from extra practice on a specific skillset.

Academic coaches aren’t the right fit for every student, though.

You may find that a tutor is a better fit for your family if: (1) your child has fallen behind and needs intensive support or (2) if your child is tackling advanced subjects.

How much does an academic coach cost?

At Sylvan, Academic Coaching is priced like other after-school activities.

You can sign up for an affordable monthly package with multiple coaching sessions.

Kids get the best results when they work with an academic coach on an ongoing basis — as they would with any type of coach.

However, you don’t have to make a long-term commitment. The packages are all month-to-month.

If you’d like this school year to go well …

Chat about adding an academic coach to your after-school routine. Reach out to your local Sylvan center to explore whether a coach is right for your family.