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By Julia Fitzgerald

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Welcome to Mom Minded, where the conversation revolves around giving our kids the best possible start in life —and enjoying the wild ride of “momdom.” We are passionate about education and firmly believe that a child’s future is linked to a strong educational foundation. The challenge is that access to great learning opportunities is not a given. And not all kids learn in the same way. So Mom Minded is a venue where we can share experiences and empower each other to fuel learning, in the classroom and beyond.


I look forward to sharing experiences and thoughts with all of you. My own kids are in the 9th grade and freshman year in college, so I have a suitcase full of things that worked and ideas that didn’t! I also have the perspective of a working mom, complete with all the guilt about not being “there” enough.  (When she was in the 3rd grade, my daughter requested that when I showed up at the school I wear a suit so the other kids would know that I had someplace I had to be all day. That’s why I never helped at the school. Then they would know that I loved her, but I was just really busy.) Awesome.


But like all of you, whether I am in business suit mode or sweatsuit mode, I am always looking for ways to make sure my kids are happy and successful. I look for information, ideas and sometimes just positive reinforcement that I am doing the right things. And that’s where Mom Minded comes in. Whether you’re in search of kid-friendly tech tips or navigating the college admission process, we’ve got you covered.


Being CMO of Sylvan Learning is one of the best jobs I could ever imagine in that it plugs me into a vibrant world of proactive moms. I am also privy to all of the great educational insight that resides here. My hope is that Mom Minded can give everyone the same access to information, humor and wisdom that comes from a motivated group of moms and an organization like Sylvan Learning.



Julia Fitzgerald, Sylvan Marketing CMO

Aka Mama Says So @Mamasaysso.com