Unplugged: The Technology Conundrum

By Sylvan Learning


Technology is creating new opportunities for our kids every single day, and that’s something we can all get behind. The tricky part is encouraging kids to learn and engage with technology while teaching them the value of turning off devices and tuning in to life beyond the screen.


As CEO of the household, you’re used to making the tough calls, and all those roles you already play will help in moderating your children’s technology use.

As chief information officer, your rules rule. Simple, clear guidelines will help your kids understand exactly what’s OK and what’s not. If you’re lost about where to start, try talking to other parents, teachers at school or our favorite friend, Google.

As chief administrative officer, you run the schedule. A good rule of thumb for teens is two hours of screen time per day, including schoolwork. For elementary schoolers, it’s less.

As chief compliance officer, you limit where tech is allowed. Make sure gadgets don’t get the invite to dinner. Set rules for kids at home about where electronics are allowed and where they aren’t, and stick to it. If you have younger children, make sure they’re using technology where you can easily monitor it.

As chief academic officer, you put schoolwork first. You can help your kids prioritize so study and chores come before socializing and games.

As chief privacy officer, you make sure private info stays private. Explain to your children (as often as possible) that the dangers of talking to strangers apply online too. Lay out why you won’t permit them to post photos, videos or personal information.

As chief communications officer, your actions show kids how they should use tech. Teach your kids when it’s OK and when it’s not OK to use your computer, phone and other devices. Exemplify how online behavior makes life easier and more fun.


How do you make sure technology continues to be a positive force in your child’s life? Share in the comments section below.