Understanding 3 Different Learning Styles

By Sylvan Learning

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Everyone learns differently. As your family’s Chief Education Officer (CEO), knowing which of the three learning styles – auditory, visual or tactile – most appeals to your child will help you to ignite a lifestyle of learning within him or her and set your child up for future academic success.


Take the example of learning a math concept:

Does your child learn best when you explain a math problem? He or she may be an auditory learner and can best absorb information by hearing it through verbal explanations.

If your child prefers seeing the math problem written out, he or she may lean more toward a visual learning style. This means that he or she will grasp a concept more readily by reading, analyzing graphs or seeing a demonstration.

A tactile learner prefers to learn by touching and doing. A child that is a tactile learner will benefit most from learning math by playing a game.


Once you’ve determined how your son or daughter learns best, you can use these tips to help him or her get the most out of study time.