DIY Time Telling Outdoor Match Game

By Crystal & Co.


Do your kiddos love science, technology, engineering or math? My boys do! These are called STEM activities. All of my boys are very tech savvy, one is super engineering minded, one excels in math and they all beg for more science experiences in our homeschool learning. For my kids, they learn best when they are moving and they have their hands involved. Let’s play a fun moving game that focuses on telling time! (Make sure you check out all of our activities for kids while you’re here!) If you are teaching your kids to tell time this is a very easy and super fun game kids will love!

clock memory game


  • paper cutter or scissors
  • markers
  • 12 sheets of 8 1/2 x 11 card stock
  • a glass or cup
  • kids
  • front or back yard


Take the sheets of card stock and use the scissors or a paper cutter to cut them in half.

card stock


12 sheets of card stock will give us 24 cards. In my homeschooling adventures, I have found it is best to teach kids to tell time by starting with the individual hours… 12:00 , 1:00, 2:00, etc. As your children learn and master this and master counting by 5’s you can then make new cards that will focus on 15 minutes after the hour, and then half past the hour, etc. These 24 cards today will all focus on telling time when it is on the hour. On 12 of the cards, use the drinking cup and a marker to make a perfect circle on the center of the card.

circle clock template


Use your marker to represent the face of the clock inside each circle on each of these 12 cards ensuring you have a card that demonstrated 12:00, 1:00, 2:00, etc., with the minute and hour hand correctly marked on the cards. For the other 12 cards, use them to make a card that has the time written out as if it were a digital clock. There will be one card for each of the hours; 12:00, 1:00, 2:oo, etc. In the end, you will have a card for each hour that is represented as a digital time reading and as the face of the clock, as shown below.

clock and time telling flashcards


Now the fun part! Shuffle and mix the cards well. Head outside and place the cards face down on your lawn. I did 6 rows of 4 cards. Ensure there is a bit of walking room between each row.

outdoor math memory game


Decide who goes first. You could flip a coin or go in birth order. Have the kids, one at a time, go out and try to find matches. They are looking for a clock face that matches the digital time. After turning over two cards if they are a match, they hold on to the cards. If they are not a match they turn them back over. Then it is the next players turn. Hopefully the other players are paying attention to where the wrong selections were so they know the field a bit more when it is their turn. It’s like playing memory… only for time telling.

clock memory game (1)


The person with the most matches at the end is the winner!

telling time memory game


How are you making learning fun this summer and getting your kids moving? If you’re looking for something fun to try, Sylvan Learning is offering a variety of EDGE camps that are sure to keep your kids entertained.