The Sylvan SAT Prep Class Experience

By Suburbia Unwrapped

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As a parent, you know that competition to get into college and universities is fierce. Good grades and SAT scores, extra-curricular activities and strong recommendation letters can all help your teen secure a spot at his or her first-choice school. But if you want to help your teen go above and beyond the competition, you may want to consider enrolling he or she in a Sylvan SAT Prep program.

Diane of Suburbia Unwrapped signed her son, a high school senior, up for an SAT Prep Class at their local Sylvan center to help improve his SAT scores (and his chances of being accepted to the University of Georgia). Below is his Sylvan SAT Prep Class experience!

Why take an SAT Prep Class?

Does your teen have his or her heart set on a particular school? Ensuring he or she has the SAT scores in that school’s accepted range can go a long way. If your teen’s SAT scores aren’t in that range, if he or she has test-taking anxiety or if he or she simply wants to improve test-taking skills, Sylvan’s SAT Prep Classes are here to help! Sylvan’s programs can help manage the pressure, increase your teen’s confidence on test day and improve SAT scores.

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What is included in an SAT Prep Class?

Prep classes generally take about eight weeks, with about 30 hours being spent on classroom instruction and about 30 hours spent on homework. Your teen will start by taking an initial SAT practice test so Sylvan can identify the areas he or she needs help in. Then, halfway through the class your teen will be given another practice test to ensure progress is being made and remaining lessons can be fine tuned to address any other skills.

It’s ideal for your teen to take the class over the summer or another time when he or she can commit a lot of time and focus. However, Sylvan knows that between school, after-school activities and social commitments that your teen’s life can be busy, which is why afternoon, evening and weekend sessions are available to accommodate hectic schedules!

Sylvan Prep Online

With an SAT Prep Class, your teen will have access to Sylvan Prep online. Through the online dashboard, your teen is able to set up a schedule, view practice score exams, practice vocabulary, math, reading and writing skills, and watch videos that clearly explain math concepts.

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Suburbia Unwrapped’s Son’s SAT Prep Class Experience

Diane’s son has dreams of attending the University of Georgia for a specific major not offered at other state schools near him, and given the competition to get into UGA, his SAT scores are extra important. Even a small increase in his scores could affect his long-term goals, which is why he decided to enroll in Sylvan’s SAT Prep Class.

He originally planned to take the class over the summer, but he was offered an internship opportunity that was too good to turn down, so he ended up taking the class during the school year. With his busy schedule, Diane’s son found his local Sylvan center to be extremely helpful, and he appreciated the flexibility of the schedule, which worked around last-minute conflicts with ease. After completing the class, his SAT score increased by 40 points!

For more information on SAT Prep Classes, please contact your local Sylvan center!

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