Testimonial – Kyndall’s Journey to Honor Roll

By Sylvan Learning


Every child is capable of achieving great things. Some kids just need a helping hand to jumpstart their success, and it is important for parents to recognize when their children need a little academic support.

When Lori Croft noticed her fifth-grade daughter Kyndall was struggling with reading, she knew it was time to get some tutoring help.

“When we would read stories, she would turn a page, and it was like the first time she saw all these words,” Lori Croft, Kyndall’s mother, said.

Kyndall herself explained that she felt awkward around her classmates, who were progressing to more advanced reading material, and she felt like she was lagging behind.

“I needed help with reading because I had a smaller reading level than others, so it kind of was embarrassing to read,” Kyndall said. “They were reading bigger books, and I was reading smaller books.”

Once Kyndall enrolled in a reading program at Sylvan, she began to improve and meet grade standards. Her instructor also believed she was developing her skills enough to branch out into other tutoring programs, as well.

“Kyndall, when she came in, she was struggling in reading, specifically with comprehension,” Sylvan instructor Mallory Hittinger said. “So we started initially with the reading program, and then once she hit a point where her reading level increased and was at grade level, then we went ahead and started the math program for her.”

Kyndall’s father, Jon Croft, mentioned that although his short term goal was for his daughter to enjoy learning, he was thrilled when her grades started to raise consistently.

“Once she started going to Sylvan, those C’s and B’s became A’s and A+’s. That was what shocked me,” he said.

In fact, Kyndall made such significant progress that she made third-quarter Honor Roll, and her name was featured in a local newspaper article. Kyndall described feeling both excited and surprised when she found out.

“I was like, ‘Wow, my name’s in the paper!’ It’s pretty awesome,” she said.

Kyndall was so proud of her achievement that she brought the article into the Sylvan center to show her instructors. Sylvan franchise owner Audra Berg said that the team celebrated the milestone with her.

“It was a terrific day here at Sylvan,” Berg said.

As far as her schoolwork goes, Kyndall says she is now feeling much more confident reading out loud in class, and she is raising her hand much more.

“She’s doing really well. She’s made huge improvements,” Hittinger said. “Her grade level has increased a whole year in both subjects.”

According to Berg, helping kids like Kyndall can affect more than just their grades.

“Kyndall’s story, just as other students here at the center, is incredibly powerful. I feel that not only is she making A’s in school, but we’ve changed her life. And that’s what it’s really all about,” Berg said.

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