A Parent’s Guide To Technology Trends in Education

By Sylvan Learning

High School
Parent's Guide to Technology Trends

Recently, Speak Up polled students, teachers, administrators, parents and community members to learn more about the latest technology trends that are affecting today’s students in – and out – of the classroom. The following trends, collected from Speak Up’s survey results, can help inform parents on how students and teachers are integrating technology into the classroom.


 1. Mobile Devices for Schoolwork. Kids are more connected than ever before, and are using their technology for schoolwork.  Sixty percent of students are using mobile devices for anytime research, 43 percent for educational games and 40 percent for collaboration with peers.  Other educational uses for mobile devices included setting up alerts for their academic lives, taking photos of their assignments, in-class polling and even texting their teachers.  Technology and mobile devices have truly become ingrained in every facet of kids’ lives – even in their schoolwork.

2. Increasing use of Videos: Both in and out of class, students are looking to access instructional videos to help supplement and/or clarify what they’re already learning. The recent study noted that 46 percent of teachers are using video in the classroom to enhance their lessons. This shift speaks to the changes in both how the digital student prefers to learn and how their teachers are reaching them.

3. Online Learning: The study also found that more and more students are looking to online courses as a way to take control over what they’re learning and get more one on one support. In general, students were looking for additional instruction around math, foreign language and science through these online portals.

4. Gaming: It’s no shock that gaming has exploded amongst today’s children. Sixty percent of students are using laptops as gaming devices, while game consoles and cell phones tied with 54 percent, and tablets rounded out the top three at 44 percent. Students aren’t just looking to gaming to blow off steam – the study cited that many of them take up gaming to learn difficult concepts and explore career opportunities.

5. Most Used Devices: While many question whether tablets are replacing laptops, 51 percent of students still rank laptops as most important in their classroom experience, 51 percent chose digital readers, and 48 percent selected tablets.  As some schools may struggle with technology budgets, 62 percent of students want to bring their own devices, so we may see an emerging trend in the near future of BYOD (bring your own device) for students.


Have you noticed these technology trends affecting your student or school?  Tell us in the comments.