Kids with a rich vocabulary do better in school. The more words kids have at their disposal, the better they are at expressing their thoughts, opinions, beliefs and feelings.   Here are some fun vocabulary tips that can help your kids grow their word skills.   1. Keep reading. Indulge children’s natural interest in new […]

There are some great opportunities for holiday STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) learning activities and vocabulary building while the kids are home for the holidays. Children become scientists, mathematicians, and engineers by asking questions, predicting, observing, analyzing, and learning from their failures. As with any season, winter is an opportune time to learn more about […]

When I was a child in Mexico, we used to play a game called “Te vendo una gallina,” or “I’m selling you a hen.” It’s a great game for building vocabulary and flexing the memory. It lends itself well to variations, including a bilingual variation my kids use, and it’s perfect for long trips in […]