SAT prep

Sylvan Learning partnered with Suburbia Unwrapped for this post. As a parent, you know that competition to get into college and universities is fierce. Good grades and SAT scores, extra-curricular activities and strong recommendation letters can all help your teen secure a spot at his or her first-choice school. But if you want to help your teen go above […]

What are the differences between the SAT and ACT? What are the similarities? Which test should you take? These are the questions that all teens (and their parents) ask as they begin the college entrance exam phase of the college admissions journey. With the launch of the redesigned SAT in March of 2016, the two […]

Doing well on college entrance exams like the SAT or ACT is still a confident first step into your child’s future. Colleges and universities wisely use these results as part of a wide range of considerations, unlike the “old days,” when test scores were often the major – or only – criterion.   So you […]